Private Camp Instructions


Private Camp Instructions

Some may think private dance camps are a waste of time and money. After watching the growth of a dance team in just two days it was amazing. With school back in session it’s the perfect time to schedule a private camp. Pep rally’s are right around the corner and it is important to us that all of our south florida dance teams impress their fellow class mates and administration.

American Dance Alliance has a very talented staff, but not only are they talented they have a passion for teaching your dance team and bringing them to their fullest potential. We provide one on one attention to your dancers. We focus on the areas of technique each individual needs to work on in order to create a well rounded team. Privates allow us to open the directors eye up to things they may have not noticed in their dancers before. It brings out leaders you may not have known were on your team, shows you who is truly dedicated and going to work hard. Privates will challenge your dancers to learn two or three routines in just one or two days.

So it’s time to get ready for your upcoming pep rally’s and schedule a private with us today! Your dance team is bound to wow the crowd!

One Day Workshop

Starting at $40 per person 10 or less

Starting at $50 per person 10 or more

Includes – Warm – up/Technique/Team Building/ 1 Routine

Two Day Workshop

Starting at $65 per person 12 or less

Starting at $80 per person 12 or more

Includes – Warm – up/Technique/Team Bonding/ 2 Routines

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